Monday, January 6, 2014

My first time at D&S Southern Comfort BBQ

Ok so I'll have to start out this review by saying don't judge me, this meal doesn't reflect my usual eating habits. That being said, it was delicious! A group of us decided to check out D&S Southern Comfort BBQ in Carlsbad Springs which is in a rural part of Ottawa. It's this little built up intersection in the middle of no where tucked back in the east boondocks of Ottawa. From the outside it doesn't look like the typical restaurant, but once in you're inside it has a very BBQ smokehouse/roadhouse feel with plain wood look. With the size of Carlsbad Springs, I get the impression this place is more of a community center or meeting place rather than simply a BBQ joint.

The owner, Dave Harper is well versed in the fine southern art of BBQ and smoking. He believes low and slow is the way to go and it really comes through in the food. The menu offered a large range of options that give you a chance to experience BBQ's full range of flavors. There is also some items you wouldn't expect to see on a BBQ restaurant menu like Fish and Chips. The portions were quite large and you really got a lot for your money. They offer a couple of platters so you can sample multiple items at once. Let's start out what I ordered.

The Mini-Determinator

You read that correctly, the "Mini"-Determinator. The regular Determinator consists of 3 of these monsters stacked up. So instead of letting you all squint at the picture trying to figure out the components of it, I'll just tell you. It's a homemade seasoned hamburger patty, smoked beef brisket, peameal bacon, onion ring and chipotle mayo between two grilled cheeses that act as the bun. This thing is delicious but tough to take on, I dare someone to tackle the regular Determinator (pics or a vid for proof). If you do you get a golf shirt or something  for completing the challenge. As you can see, they were also kind to give you a healthy portion of sides, some really good hand cut fries and a fresh coleslaw. Now onto some other menu items of interest.

Mac and Cheese Balls

Essentially just deep fried balls of mac and cheese. They don't need much explanation but are apparently quite delicious according to Jon.

Dave's Meat Platter

This is one of those platters I was talking about that you can sample multiple items all at once. This one in particular you can sample ribs, brisket and pulled pork. Looks like a healthy portion and Cory seemed to really enjoy every part of it.

The final word...

All and all this place was a great experience and I highly recommend it if you live or visit Ottawa. It's not near much of anything else worth noting for a tourist but it's some great BBQ cuisine. It's easily accessible off highway 417 at the Boundary road exit. While you're there you can also check out some BBQ's and smokers to go home with since they're an official Traeger BBQ dealer.

Not surprisingly, this place was also featured on the Food Networks You Gotta Eat Here. Feel free to check out the segment where they show you how the Determinator is made. . You can also check out the restaurants website at

Thanks again for visiting!

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